Why Monument Signs are the Right Choice for Your Business?

Choosing the right sign for your business is essential when you have a larger business. But, when your business is on a unique property, it is vital to select a sign that not only highlights the location of the business but also adds to the overall curb appeal is an important choice. In such cases, monument signs can be the right option. It comes in various sizes, shapes and designs have always been a top consideration when large outdoor sign in Kansas City is required.

Monument signs suit best for,

  • Housing developments
  • Neighborhoods
  • Parks
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Other Commercial Properties

Monument signs are designed to be at the eye level for an adult to get attention and to also highlight what is important. The sign is mounted directly to the base of the monument or have a base that conforms to the shape of the design. Most monument signs are made from natural materials, and depending on the design and theme of the sign, the material used to make the monument sign varies. This can include natural stone, brick, wood or combinations of this material. Today, monument signs are made from materials such as metals and plastics to incorporate newer styles. When compared to stone and bricks, the signs made out of these materials are very durable and allow for great options in shape and style.

Considerations for Monument Signs

It is possible to shape the monument base and sign with any type of the monument design. Selecting a creative design that work with your business will provide the right look to your commercial or development property.

How to Customize Monument Signs?

  • When it comes to creating a monument design, you are free to choose what kind of sign you want to add to your monument’s base to display your messaging. A sign cabinet can be the best option to add to your monuments base if you want bright, eye-catching copy and graphics.
  • To evoke certain timeliness, a carved design would be the tried and true alternative.
  • Add lettering directly to the monument to add dimension to your monument sign design. If you want to jazz up monument sign than with channel letters, you can opt for illuminated 3D letters that can make a sign pop day or night. These letters are certain to dazzle when reside on a monument sign.
  • Adding an LED message board to your monument sign can help you keep up with your patrons’ constantly evolving wants and needs.
  • LED message boards can be created to display changing graphics and attract vehicle traffic like no other signs can.

Monument signs are the most versatile options for your business. These business signs in Kansas City can signify timelessness or trendiness or anywhere in between depending on how you implement yours. Visit www.acmesigninc.com for more information.