Types of Exterior Business Signs

Exterior Business SignsThe right outdoor company sign leaves the ideal first impression with all potential customers. Outdoor signs can be temporary or permanent. Permanent signs are used to depict business names. Temporary signs are typically used to announce promotions and specials going on or to direct the customers to your location. Here is a list of outdoor signs:

  • Door signs

Door signs are significant because they are at the eye level of your customer, especially with businesses that have street level access. A door sign can be fabricated with vinyl graphics, digital printed graphics, hand painting or gold leaf. These signs are typically the company’s logo along with their hours of operation.

  • Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are primarily for businesses that have ground floor locations. These are your coffee shops, deli’s, bakeries, and restaurants. The sidewalk sign attracts the attention of the people walking the streets.

  • Monument Signs

Monument signs are placed at the entrance of shopping malls, church and other businesses. Monument signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated, single sided or double sided and list only one business or multiple businesses.

  • Directional Signs

Directional signs are mainly instructional. They help you or your customers to find their way in your shop or building. It includes signs that state “Dressing Rooms,” “Cashier,” “Order Here,” or “Cash Only.”

  • Building Signs

Building signs include a long list of signs such as neon signs, cabinet signs, channel letters, metal letters and foam letters. They can include logo as well as company name.

Once you’ve decided what type of sign you want, contact the best signage manufacturer.