Top Four Signage Tips for Your Retail Start-Up

While drivers are rushing through the heavy traffic and pedestrians are glued to their smartphones, there seems to be one fine way to attract prospective customers, a good signage! Over 50% of customers learn about a new business through signage. Thus partnership with a reliable signs business in Kansas City must be made a part of a start-up’s marketing strategy.

While choosing the right signage for your business, here are four important factors that must be considered for the best results.

Choose the Right Colors

Colors in the signage must be pleasant on the eyes and not cause any readability issues. Signage firms offer design services that can assist in coming up with the most ideal combination of colors. Signage that reflects the colors of the business logo can be a potential source of brand recognition.

Not Too Big or Not Too Small

Size matters when it comes to signage! Too small may become inconspicuous while too big can cause a sore eye. Simulate different sizes against the available space by using large format paper prints.

Position the Signage Rightly

The large format paper prints can also be used to determine the right orientation of the signage. Signage orientation may be vertical, horizontal or skewed depending up the building type as well as the neighborhood.

Be Concise

A good signage must promote customer traffic and showcase the real purpose of your business. Do not crowd the signage with too much information or with complicated fonts. For instance, outdoor signs in Kansas City for a start-up must carry the name of your store along with the website address for interested customers to look you up for further details.