Three Interesting Facts About Signage that Every Business Owner Must Know!

Business SignIt is quite well-known that signs can have an incredible impact on potential as well as existing customers and the signage manufacturer takes immense care to deliver optimally effective signs for all types of businesses

In this blog, we bring forward some of the interesting facts and numbers signage and how it acts as an effective marketing tool.

  • Starts-ups can earn up to 50% of the business through signage

Often, small businesses think twice to spend on outdoor signs in Kansas City. But this is in fact a wise move as it helps the new business to gain the attention of potential customers and over 50% of business deals have been earned through signage in the past.

  • Over 85% customers live or work closer to the business establishment

Businesses earn most of their revenue from people living closer or working to the establishment. This implies that potential customers pass by your building or business setup every other day and the best way to attract them is through effective signage.

  • Signage is the single most effective source to promote impulse shopping

Grocery stores, fast food centers, convenience stores and almost every business type has a good chunk of impulse shoppers visit their store on a daily basis Impulse shoppers may come from any location and may not necessarily have an idea or opinion about a store or showroom. The first thing that these impulse shoppers note is signage. Hence, the way you make your signage as effective as possible pays off well.