Pylon Signs – The Perfect Addition to Upgrade Your Street Presence

It is a well-known fact that signs can make or break the look of your company. Signs are the face of your business, and it needs to be eye-catching enough to draw consumers in. These tall and strong structures can drive traffic to your business. For numerous establishments such as gas stations, mini-malls, hotels and shopping plazas, these business signs make the perfect entrance. If you are wondering what type of business sign is perfect for your business, pylon signs are the ideal options. With the right pylon sign, you can be sure that your message can be communicated both powerfully and effectively. Here is a list of reasons why business persons love pylon signs.


Pylon signs are free-standing structures and extremely versatile. These signs come in different type and varieties that you can use in different ways to integrate your signs and signage. Irrespective of the weather, these signs are durable and long-standing.

Clear Advertising

If you have a pylon sign for your business, it will be easier for you to get your brand speak to you on your behalf. This signage can also be placed closer to the main street even if your business is located somewhat far from the main highway/road in your town.

Supplementary Ads

Alongside the forefront sign, these pylon signs can be used as a supplementary ad machine. Since they are placed on your business’ facade, these signs will receive greater visibility even from a far distance away.

Moreover, these business signs in Kansas City are easily customizable, so you can create signs that meet your specific needs.

Tips to Customize Pylon Signs

Raised Logos and Moldings

Pylon signs can grab the attention of your valuable customers when illuminated. But, moldings can add extra value and visual interest to your sign. If the thought of a flat sign bores you, consider raised letter and other three dimensional designs.

Pole Skirts and Covers

Available in a variety of colors and designs, these pole covers and skirts are designed to match your sign, building or brand. Pole skirts protect the pole from rust, but they’re also decorative hence serves a dual function.


One of the most defining features of a monument sign is masonry, but the lines can be blurred a bit. These signs are made up of different materials and are customizable. If you are running a shopping center, you can opt for pylon signs to display the directory of shops. Incorporating materials like stone and brick can be a boost.

Varied Shapes

Lighted sign cabinets or box signs are included in pylon signs to help them attract more attention. With regard to graphics and brightness, these signs are completely customizable. But, these box signs do not have to be rectangular always, they can also be shaped like your logo.

In addition to these, you can also add LED message board to your pylon box to grab more customer attention. Get in touch with your sign company in Kansas City for more details.