Is Vehicle Wrap Advertising Really Works for Your Businesses?

Do you know how effective vehicle wraps are? Below are few of the interesting facts,

  • A vehicle gathers between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day.
  • One vehicle wrap can generate more impressions between 30,000 – 70,000 daily.
  • Vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15X times greater than any other form of advertising.

All these facts clearly depict the importance of vehicle wrap advertising! Are you looking for an effective yet affordable way to constantly promote your business? Then, Vehicle Wrap must be the right option for you!

Having a vibrant color vehicle wrap isn’t achieve your business advertising goals. Thinking what else needed? You will need to pay close attention to the content you’re sharing and how it is displayed. Here are the few of the important tips & tricks explained by the experts of signage manufacturer Kansas City to make sure your vehicle wrap gets noticed:

  • Business name and contact number should be displayed large enough to read from a distance.
  • Don’t clutter with too much design as it will be too difficult to understand.
  • Colors also make a great difference so choose a color that highlights your vehicle wrap. The darker the background, the brighter the text/design and vice versa
  • Add a call to action! Use call-to-action phrases such as “Call Us,” “Visit our website,” “Come to our location,” “Sign up,” “Walk in,” or “Follow us on social media,” etc.
  • Let your customers know what problems you can solve by printing it on your vehicle wrap such as:
    • Pickup and delivery time
    • Same day service details
    • Put an image of your repair person

Colorful vehicle wraps is one of the cheapest forms of advertising that reach thousands of customers in a second and provide great ROI. Want to stand out from your competition? Contact the leading company of business signs in Kansas City today!