How Signs help with Impulse Purchases

Impulse purchasing decisions are an important sales factor and no business owner worth their salt would think of ignoring this component.  In fact, depending on the type of business, almost 20 to 45% of traffic is impulse purchase. Here are a few reasons why signs help people to purchase on a whim;

  • A study conducted by the U.S. Small Business Administration estimated that nearly 50% of people interviewed were encouraged to visit the store/business for the first time through the signage.  Nearly all of these visits were impulsive.
  • While driving or walking past the sign, people often make a mental note of the business. They are more than likely to make use of this information to make an unplanned visit to the location at a later date.  Consider this against the fact that an average person in America drives for about 540 hours per year.
  • If the sign is effective and attractive, people may visit the location not just to purchase, but to examine or make inquiries for the first time. If they’re impressed, you may end up with a customer. And if they do not make the purchase, they may refer your business to someone else.
  • Impromptu decisions are particularly effective for restaurants and bars, especially if they’re a new business.
  • A good outdoor sign prompts people to act and look for instant gratification through a purchase.

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