Different Types of Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters used for business signs are customized letter that is used for brand recognition. Channel letter is one form of signage that has set many companies apart from others by contributing identity and visibility to the company. Due to the availability of various options, channel letters have proven successful results while designing the signage for various businesses. You can customize your business signs in Kansas City to attract customers towards your business.

Choosing the right font, size, color and even lighting options for your outdoor signs in Kansas City can become complicated since various options are available with the signage manufacturer in Kansas City. The channel letters are made of various materials such as plastic, aluminum, etc. While creating channel letters, logo box is an important option that provides dimension and interest to channel letters. Most business owners suffer from choosing the right lighting for their signage. Here we have mentioned few types of channel letter that can make your business to stand out in the crowd.

Types of Channel Letter Sign

Unlike traditional signs and generic light boxes, channel letters give flexibility of design choice and make your business stand apart from your competitors. Continue reading to know about the different types of channel letter sign.

Front Lit Channel Letter

Most shopping centers and retail malls use front lit channel letter which is also known as standard channel letter for their business signs. Often the letters are internally illuminated using LED modules or neon gas tubes. These light are projected through their acrylic front surfaces. To achieve the desired color, they use to apply translucent vinyl overlay over white acrylic surfaces.

Reverse Lit Channel Letter

The reverse lit channel letter is also known as back-lit or halo-lit channel letters. This reverse lit channel letter allows light to be emitted from the back of the letter. It is reflected to the mounting surface like a wall. While installing the reverse lit channel letter, little gap or space between the rear of the channel letter and the mounting surface. The face of each channel letter is covered using aluminum, and the rear will be left open or covered with clear polycarbonate to avoid birds to build a nest inside the letter.

Open Face Channel Letter

The open face channel letters are constructed with letters faces exposed or open to place the neon illumination. You can also use a clear acrylic face as an option. By installing open face channel letter signs, you can provide brighter lighting to the signage, making the sign more eye-catching to the customers.

Specialty Channel Letters

Specialty channel letters are uniquely designed signs that can be tailored to fit your business needs. To customize additional appeal to the letters you can use a balanced mix of color changing LED’s, neon lights and new letter colors.