Considering Custom Channel Letter Signs for Your Business is a Good Idea – Know Why

Custom Channel Letter SignsDo you want to know why channel letters are the most preferred and common outdoors signs in Kansas City among businesses? Well, here are the good reasons to build a channel letter sign for your business.

They are,

  • Cost effective
  • Easily shaped
  • Extremely vivid
  • Durable and more

Why Channel Letters are the Popular Option?

  • The process involved in channel letter fabrication is innately flexible and signs can be made into any font or geographical shapes with availability in different colors and style.
  • If the channel letters are displayed on a black or any other solid color background, they are recognizable even from great distances.
  • Illuminating Channel Letters:
    • Front Lit Signs: Light is allowed to shine towards the viewer from inside of the characters, in letters made with translucent front faces.
    • Open Face Signs: These signs are similar to front lit signs but there is no translucent material. Interior lamps are placed to give a bright glow to the interior of each character.
    • Reverse Lit Signs: In these signs, the light is projected from the rear of each letter to make it appear like a dark letter against an illuminated background.
  • Made from the light-weight material, aluminum, channel letters can be easily worked, and durable enough to survive sun, rain, sleet, snow, ice, and high winds.
  • Usage of LED lights for illuminating channel letters makes it recognizable even from long distances and cuts down your utility bills.

How to Mount Channel Letters?

Channel letters can be mounted on a raceway with support from one side of each letter. The second way is to install them in a box with support from the rear side of each letter, and the third way is to place them directly on any existing surface such as walls, boards or more.