Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Creating Signage for your Business

Many small businesses tend to overlook the damaging effects a wrong signage can have on their establishment. Here are a few things that one needs to actively avoid to make sure that your signs help you boost your growth and not hamper it –

  • Using more than 7 Words

Especially if you intend to place highway signs or signs on the road, understand that most drivers will not be able to read more than 7 words at a time. Even if your sign is placed on a stop light, chances are people are not interested in reading more than 7 words.

  • Using Wrong Images

Just because you think that the baby is cute, does not mean that he or she needs to be on your billboards. Experts from sign companies in Kansas City insist that you use only those images that add value to your message and the core concept behind your offering.

  • Using the Wrong Colors

Another common mistake brands make according to runners of signs business in Kansas City is that they choose to misuse the color pallet significantly. The only way to grab attention through your ads is by making sure it is built on a strong strategy and nothing else. Obnoxious colors may in fact work against your brand.

Finally, make sure that you provide single point contact information that does not confuse your audience and go beyond using conventional system fonts that aren’t as readable. Incorporate a call to action in your signage to make sure that it delivers results.