Channel Letters are the Great Choices to Create a Bold Impression for Businesses

Channel LettersHave you ever considered a channel letter sign for business in Kansas City? By adding these bold, individual letters signs for businesses like restaurants, office buildings, banks, and other retail locations, a business owner can create a lasting impression on the minds of the customers. Today, channel letters are very popular among the customers because of its high visibility and innovative looks. Putting eye-popping channel letters on your business premises, draw more customers into your establishment. Whether the channel letter signage is of modern LED or classic neon construction, they are sure to grab the attention of your customers and an attractive way to advertise your services.

Different Types of Channel Letters

There are three common types of channel letters available in a variety of designs and thickness. They are,

Front-lit Channel Letters: These are standard channel letters and have an acrylic face, trim cap, aluminum returns, and aluminum back. These signs come in a variety of design options and are completely customizable.

Reverse Channel Letters: Reverse channel letters, also called as back-lit channel letters makes use of 090 metal faces and .063 aluminum returns, and have a clear 1/8” or 3/16” Lexan or poly-carbonate backs. These channel letters features a “halo effect” surrounding the shape of each individual character when illuminated.

Combination-Lit Channel Letters: Have you ever thought of creating a sign with green letters and red halo effect? Then combination-lit channel letters are the best option for you! This signage uses clear Lexan backs which can be customized using translucent vinyl graphics to create the desired halo color.

Channel letters as outdoor business signs in Kansas City are highly durable and provide excellent visibility at night. Moreover, they use only less power and require only a less maintenance, hence save you more money.