4 Types of Signage No Retailer Can Afford to Ignore

If you want to operate a successful physical retail business that attracts customers and drives sales, then you need to get noticed – and smart retailers know that it starts with signage. Quality signage from signage manufacturer is an easy and effective way to drive foot traffic and communicate with your customers when designing your store. Signage is just as important as your website design, and retail signage shouldn’t be an afterthought.

  1. Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage is arguably the most important kind in physical retail because it’s what gets customers in the door, the largest hurdle to beginning a relationship. Exterior signage is the first impression customers have of your business. They can take the form of sidewalk signs, entrance signs, awnings, or window signs. Place signage where it is visible to as much walk-by and drive-by traffic as possible.

  1. Informational Signage

Informational signage may also be known as departmental, directional, organizational, or way finding signage. These signs help the customer navigate your space more easily. The easier it is for a customer to find what they came in for, the more likely they are to rely on that convenience in the future.

  1. Persuasive Signage

Persuasive signage influences consumer behavior through convincing language or attractive imagery. These signs can advertise a particular product or promotion. Persuasive signs or displays can influence customer flow and improve interactivity with otherwise unnoticed products.

  1. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Signage

Offering accessibility by way of parking, entrances/exits and elevators will make disabled patrons’ experience more comfortable and enjoyable. If your store uses a portable ramp with a doorbell or intercom, you will need to install an appropriate sign letting customers know they can request an employee to bring the ramp to the door.

Choose the appropriate signage from a leading signs business firm in Kansas City and make your business more profitable.

3 Quality Checks before Selecting Signage Manufacturer

Signs create the first impression on visitors and potential customers. This first impression has the power to promote your brand and accelerate sales. You can use this powerful tool for your advantage by choosing the right signage manufacturer. Here 3 basic important considerations for selecting the perfect sign and hiring the right manufacturer:

Where to Put Up the Sign?

There are different signs available for indoor and outdoor placements. Your brand must be visible and accessible to your target audience through signage. Signage location will help you decide on the material, lighting and quality of sign board required. For outdoor signs material cost is higher than indoor signs. Outdoor signs require high quality and weather resistant material.

Material and Costing of Signage

There are two type of signage material available: substrate and lettering materials. You can choose vinyl, neon, metallic, wooden and sticker signage. Cost of signage depends on material used, font size, sign size, colors and contents. You can choose the best signage which represents your organization which is covered in your budget.

Rules and Regulations

Government has some preset rules and regulations regarding the size of outdoor signs. Most signage manufacturers guide you towards making an optimal sign which suits your needs under regulations. It is advisable to go through regulations before finalizing a sign.

Signage should portray your brand’s image as effectively as your marketing plan. It is essential to analyze the position of your sign, its type, quality, etc.

Hire Signage Experts to create an Impressive outdoor sign

Every business needs something unique that attracts a potential customer. One of the oldest and most conventional methods that still attract people to shops and commercial outlets is the display of sign boards. Finding a sign company in Kansas City that provides one of the best products and services in the area is not easy. Be it indoor, outdoor, monument signs or campus signs, most businesses use indoor and outdoor signs in Kansas City.


A sign board tells a lot about your company and helps you establish your brand effectively. Finding a signage manufacturer that understands the importance of this and caters to your needs to bring out the best signboard that is suitable for you is essential. A well experienced signs business in Kansas City will provide you with the best in class sign boards. Both small and large products can be handled by signage experts and customers are provided with options to choose whatever they like and they proceed with that. You must find a business that does not ‘shoehorn’ any design into a customer. Instead, they should advise what’s best and give the customers what they need. Signboards have been successful in attracting a large number of people and this has been evident among business owners.


All the major elements of the product including the form, factor, design and aesthetics are considered while creating the sign boards. A signboard should also be reliable to keep a business up and going. Signboards that are good for both the consumer and business owner should be purchased. Visiting a renowned signage manufacturer might give you access to the latest equipment used in the sign board industry, and make sure that all equipment is manufactured under the given standards. There are many signboard manufacturers in Kansas City and it is essential to find something that gives you what you need and is pocket friendly at the same time. Researching different options is a must and it takes time. But in the end, you will get an awesome sign board, which you will not regret about.

Top Four Signage Tips for Your Retail Start-Up

While drivers are rushing through the heavy traffic and pedestrians are glued to their smartphones, there seems to be one fine way to attract prospective customers, a good signage! Over 50% of customers learn about a new business through signage. Thus partnership with a reliable signs business in Kansas City must be made a part of a start-up’s marketing strategy.

While choosing the right signage for your business, here are four important factors that must be considered for the best results.

Choose the Right Colors

Colors in the signage must be pleasant on the eyes and not cause any readability issues. Signage firms offer design services that can assist in coming up with the most ideal combination of colors. Signage that reflects the colors of the business logo can be a potential source of brand recognition.

Not Too Big or Not Too Small

Size matters when it comes to signage! Too small may become inconspicuous while too big can cause a sore eye. Simulate different sizes against the available space by using large format paper prints.

Position the Signage Rightly

The large format paper prints can also be used to determine the right orientation of the signage. Signage orientation may be vertical, horizontal or skewed depending up the building type as well as the neighborhood.

Be Concise

A good signage must promote customer traffic and showcase the real purpose of your business. Do not crowd the signage with too much information or with complicated fonts. For instance, outdoor signs in Kansas City for a start-up must carry the name of your store along with the website address for interested customers to look you up for further details.

Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Creating Signage for your Business

Many small businesses tend to overlook the damaging effects a wrong signage can have on their establishment. Here are a few things that one needs to actively avoid to make sure that your signs help you boost your growth and not hamper it –

  • Using more than 7 Words

Especially if you intend to place highway signs or signs on the road, understand that most drivers will not be able to read more than 7 words at a time. Even if your sign is placed on a stop light, chances are people are not interested in reading more than 7 words.

  • Using Wrong Images

Just because you think that the baby is cute, does not mean that he or she needs to be on your billboards. Experts from sign companies in Kansas City insist that you use only those images that add value to your message and the core concept behind your offering.

  • Using the Wrong Colors

Another common mistake brands make according to runners of signs business in Kansas City is that they choose to misuse the color pallet significantly. The only way to grab attention through your ads is by making sure it is built on a strong strategy and nothing else. Obnoxious colors may in fact work against your brand.

Finally, make sure that you provide single point contact information that does not confuse your audience and go beyond using conventional system fonts that aren’t as readable. Incorporate a call to action in your signage to make sure that it delivers results.