Outdoor Signs – The Most Effective Form of Advertising Your Firm

A firm’s success lies in how effective their advertisements are. In fact, advertisements are the head turners for any firm. If you want to make your firm famous or recognizable, all you have to do is advertise it in a unique way. Signage is simply the best, most effective form of advertising for your marketing dollar. 17% of Best Buy’s walk in customers did so because of a sign.

Signs attract new customers and alert them that you exist. Recent surveys found that many customers would have never found a business unless they had seen its sign. Signs help your business be more profitable. Installing outdoor signs in Kansas City can increase business as much as nearly 16 percent. It’s a fast and an easy way to pump up your bottom line without spending a bunch of money.

The Benefits of Outdoor Signs

Signs Bring in New Customers – Researchers say that new customers could be brought to a business by 50% outdoor sign, 33% word of mouth, 9% newspaper, 6% yellow pages, 1% TV, and 1% radio.

Increase in Profit – Most companies tends to have an increase in their profit after their installation of outdoor signs.

First Impression – As per the saying, ‘First impression is the best impression,’ outdoor signs create strong first impressions about the firm.

So, if you’re planning to give a boost to your firm through advertising, all you have to do is contact a leading outdoor sign company in Kansas City. Install an outdoor sign and find the difference in your business.

3 Quality Checks before Selecting Signage Manufacturer

Signs create the first impression on visitors and potential customers. This first impression has the power to promote your brand and accelerate sales. You can use this powerful tool for your advantage by choosing the right signage manufacturer. Here 3 basic important considerations for selecting the perfect sign and hiring the right manufacturer:

Where to Put Up the Sign?

There are different signs available for indoor and outdoor placements. Your brand must be visible and accessible to your target audience through signage. Signage location will help you decide on the material, lighting and quality of sign board required. For outdoor signs material cost is higher than indoor signs. Outdoor signs require high quality and weather resistant material.

Material and Costing of Signage

There are two type of signage material available: substrate and lettering materials. You can choose vinyl, neon, metallic, wooden and sticker signage. Cost of signage depends on material used, font size, sign size, colors and contents. You can choose the best signage which represents your organization which is covered in your budget.

Rules and Regulations

Government has some preset rules and regulations regarding the size of outdoor signs. Most signage manufacturers guide you towards making an optimal sign which suits your needs under regulations. It is advisable to go through regulations before finalizing a sign.

Signage should portray your brand’s image as effectively as your marketing plan. It is essential to analyze the position of your sign, its type, quality, etc.

Hire Signage Experts to create an Impressive outdoor sign

Every business needs something unique that attracts a potential customer. One of the oldest and most conventional methods that still attract people to shops and commercial outlets is the display of sign boards. Finding a sign company in Kansas City that provides one of the best products and services in the area is not easy. Be it indoor, outdoor, monument signs or campus signs, most businesses use indoor and outdoor signs in Kansas City.


A sign board tells a lot about your company and helps you establish your brand effectively. Finding a signage manufacturer that understands the importance of this and caters to your needs to bring out the best signboard that is suitable for you is essential. A well experienced signs business in Kansas City will provide you with the best in class sign boards. Both small and large products can be handled by signage experts and customers are provided with options to choose whatever they like and they proceed with that. You must find a business that does not ‘shoehorn’ any design into a customer. Instead, they should advise what’s best and give the customers what they need. Signboards have been successful in attracting a large number of people and this has been evident among business owners.


All the major elements of the product including the form, factor, design and aesthetics are considered while creating the sign boards. A signboard should also be reliable to keep a business up and going. Signboards that are good for both the consumer and business owner should be purchased. Visiting a renowned signage manufacturer might give you access to the latest equipment used in the sign board industry, and make sure that all equipment is manufactured under the given standards. There are many signboard manufacturers in Kansas City and it is essential to find something that gives you what you need and is pocket friendly at the same time. Researching different options is a must and it takes time. But in the end, you will get an awesome sign board, which you will not regret about.

Consider Outdoor Signs for your Business

A signboard is the sign of a business running successfully. Getting customers to notice your business is possible only when it is clearly visible to them. Every business owner knows the importance of sign boards and so do we. Finding a renowned sign company in Kansas City which provides you with customized, attractive sign boards which are accessible and affordable is not as easy as it sounds.


It is said that the first impression is the best impression you make. All leading signs business in Kansas City, cater to the exact sign you need, which will clearly keep your customers informed about your business and its specialty. Indoor and outdoor signs in Kansas City are sure to attract many customers assuring them to visit your business premises. Signs should be made according to your budget and requirements. They can also be made in any custom size, small or big according to what you need.


A perfect signboard captures customers’ attention as they walk by. For this, your signboard not only needs a good design, but also a powerful message. Sign boards are used in a variety of places which includes public parks, properties, trade fairs etc. In any case, their main purpose is to grab attention. In recent years, LED and digital signboards are being used in Kansas City to attract visitors both during day and the night. LED boards save a lot of power than the conventional sign boards.


A good sign board company will provide you with a proper design, font and even tag-lines if you need them. Once you are satisfied, an amazing signboard will be on its way. A perfect signboard with indoor and outdoor themes gives you confidence, hope and energy to carry on with your business. While a sign board looks good, it is also essential that it is made of good quality to last for a long time, especially if it is an outdoor signage. A good firm will also take care in providing the best quality signboards and see that every sign is tailor made to suit the budget and the requirements of their clients.

Three Questions to Ask Your Signage Company

A signage is the strongest representation of an organization. To reap the best benefits from the sign investment, ask your sign company in Kansas City the following questions and ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Is the Company Open To Working With Internal Designers?

Signage manufacturers offer design services in most cases. However it is important to check their availability and openness in working with the internal team to come up with the best signage designs. Since signs showcase the brand image of a firm, collaborating with internal people who understand the brand better results in better results.

Will the Company Take Care Of All The Permit Requirements?

Installing a signage demands the required permits to be obtained from all local authorities. This process may involve much effort and may also take up ample time of the firm. Thus working with a company that is well versed in handling these requirements will be an added advantage. Organizations opting for a new signage installation must ensure that the signage firm can handle all rules and regulations of the municipality before installing a signage.

Does the Company Offer A Guarantee For The Product?

You are investing a good amount for your new signage and it is only fair to look for a guarantee from the manufacturer. Talk to the sign company about the quality of material used as well as the installation techniques. It is recommended to preferably obtain the guarantee period of the signage in writing.