Get Your Outdoor Signs Noticed With These Good Tips

Many businesses lately prefer outdoor signs to indoor ones, as they receive more exposure and more attention. However it must be known that simply placing an outdoor sign doesn’t bring the anticipated results. There are a few criteria to be paid attention to, so that one could make the most out of such outdoor signs in Kansas City that are explained as follows:

  • Size plays a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of outdoor signs. Unlike indoor signs, outdoor ones are read from a distance, hence bigger the size, the better. Bigger outdoor signs don’t leave one to go without noticing them.
  • Choosing a location is as critical as the size of displays. Along with a relevant size, place them in a location that is clearly visible to incoming audience. Try placing them in busiest locations so as to capture the attention of the maximum audience.
  • Making small changes in the positioning of signs can bring great positive results. Position them in a way that they face the eyes of the audience. When the screen is angled more towards the viewers, it can maximize the attention of signage.
  • Another key element to be considered is the content. The content presented should be eye-catchy and be presented in a way that’s simple unlike indoor signs. A potential customer invests only a brief time in noticing and reading content from your sign, hence the information should stay on screen at all times, and simple to read.

Sign companies in Kansas City offers eye-popping outdoor signs that have become inevitable in driving more customers and helping business grow. They assist you in attaining the outcomes expected, by working with the elements mentioned above.

Outdoor Signs – The Most Effective Form of Advertising Your Firm

A firm’s success lies in how effective their advertisements are. In fact, advertisements are the head turners for any firm. If you want to make your firm famous or recognizable, all you have to do is advertise it in a unique way. Signage is simply the best, most effective form of advertising for your marketing dollar. 17% of Best Buy’s walk in customers did so because of a sign.

Signs attract new customers and alert them that you exist. Recent surveys found that many customers would have never found a business unless they had seen its sign. Signs help your business be more profitable. Installing outdoor signs in Kansas City can increase business as much as nearly 16 percent. It’s a fast and an easy way to pump up your bottom line without spending a bunch of money.

The Benefits of Outdoor Signs

Signs Bring in New Customers – Researchers say that new customers could be brought to a business by 50% outdoor sign, 33% word of mouth, 9% newspaper, 6% yellow pages, 1% TV, and 1% radio.

Increase in Profit – Most companies tends to have an increase in their profit after their installation of outdoor signs.

First Impression – As per the saying, ‘First impression is the best impression,’ outdoor signs create strong first impressions about the firm.

So, if you’re planning to give a boost to your firm through advertising, all you have to do is contact a leading outdoor sign company in Kansas City. Install an outdoor sign and find the difference in your business.

3 Key Benefits of Outdoor Signs Kansas City

Outdoor signs have been used as a major advertising and information floating mean of communication. A well-researched and located attractive sign boards drives about 25 percent of sales of a simple store. Three reasons for choosing outdoor signs in Kansas City are:

Cost Effective

Outdoor signs in Kansas City are justified costs in advertising and promotion. Other modes of advertising like television and radio are accessible to larger audience. Outdoor signs target audience lesser number of people but they inflict higher percentage of customers into action at a much lower cost. You can reach customers effectively without addition of cost by one signage for years.

Longer Life

An advertisement in newspaper last for 24 hours whereas the life of signage is in years. Signage has the longest life among other modes of advertisements. Therefore, designing and location of signage play a very important role in decision making. Signage leaves the first long lasting impression of the brand in customer’s mind.

Quiet Reinforcement

Television, radio and newspaper advertisements are loud announcements of promotion of a product. Signage is a silent reminder every day. Human psychology occupies a place for product through announcements if there is an interest present in the mind already. However, a recurring event like presence of a sign makes a stagnant place in the mind. The occupied place triggers a sale as soon as there is possibility of product’s usage.

You must couple different modes of advertising to ensure maximum sale under budget.

Hire Signage Experts to create an Impressive outdoor sign

Every business needs something unique that attracts a potential customer. One of the oldest and most conventional methods that still attract people to shops and commercial outlets is the display of sign boards. Finding a sign company in Kansas City that provides one of the best products and services in the area is not easy. Be it indoor, outdoor, monument signs or campus signs, most businesses use indoor and outdoor signs in Kansas City.


A sign board tells a lot about your company and helps you establish your brand effectively. Finding a signage manufacturer that understands the importance of this and caters to your needs to bring out the best signboard that is suitable for you is essential. A well experienced signs business in Kansas City will provide you with the best in class sign boards. Both small and large products can be handled by signage experts and customers are provided with options to choose whatever they like and they proceed with that. You must find a business that does not ‘shoehorn’ any design into a customer. Instead, they should advise what’s best and give the customers what they need. Signboards have been successful in attracting a large number of people and this has been evident among business owners.


All the major elements of the product including the form, factor, design and aesthetics are considered while creating the sign boards. A signboard should also be reliable to keep a business up and going. Signboards that are good for both the consumer and business owner should be purchased. Visiting a renowned signage manufacturer might give you access to the latest equipment used in the sign board industry, and make sure that all equipment is manufactured under the given standards. There are many signboard manufacturers in Kansas City and it is essential to find something that gives you what you need and is pocket friendly at the same time. Researching different options is a must and it takes time. But in the end, you will get an awesome sign board, which you will not regret about.

Consider Outdoor Signs for your Business

A signboard is the sign of a business running successfully. Getting customers to notice your business is possible only when it is clearly visible to them. Every business owner knows the importance of sign boards and so do we. Finding a renowned sign company in Kansas City which provides you with customized, attractive sign boards which are accessible and affordable is not as easy as it sounds.


It is said that the first impression is the best impression you make. All leading signs business in Kansas City, cater to the exact sign you need, which will clearly keep your customers informed about your business and its specialty. Indoor and outdoor signs in Kansas City are sure to attract many customers assuring them to visit your business premises. Signs should be made according to your budget and requirements. They can also be made in any custom size, small or big according to what you need.


A perfect signboard captures customers’ attention as they walk by. For this, your signboard not only needs a good design, but also a powerful message. Sign boards are used in a variety of places which includes public parks, properties, trade fairs etc. In any case, their main purpose is to grab attention. In recent years, LED and digital signboards are being used in Kansas City to attract visitors both during day and the night. LED boards save a lot of power than the conventional sign boards.


A good sign board company will provide you with a proper design, font and even tag-lines if you need them. Once you are satisfied, an amazing signboard will be on its way. A perfect signboard with indoor and outdoor themes gives you confidence, hope and energy to carry on with your business. While a sign board looks good, it is also essential that it is made of good quality to last for a long time, especially if it is an outdoor signage. A good firm will also take care in providing the best quality signboards and see that every sign is tailor made to suit the budget and the requirements of their clients.

Top Four Signage Tips for Your Retail Start-Up

While drivers are rushing through the heavy traffic and pedestrians are glued to their smartphones, there seems to be one fine way to attract prospective customers, a good signage! Over 50% of customers learn about a new business through signage. Thus partnership with a reliable signs business in Kansas City must be made a part of a start-up’s marketing strategy.

While choosing the right signage for your business, here are four important factors that must be considered for the best results.

Choose the Right Colors

Colors in the signage must be pleasant on the eyes and not cause any readability issues. Signage firms offer design services that can assist in coming up with the most ideal combination of colors. Signage that reflects the colors of the business logo can be a potential source of brand recognition.

Not Too Big or Not Too Small

Size matters when it comes to signage! Too small may become inconspicuous while too big can cause a sore eye. Simulate different sizes against the available space by using large format paper prints.

Position the Signage Rightly

The large format paper prints can also be used to determine the right orientation of the signage. Signage orientation may be vertical, horizontal or skewed depending up the building type as well as the neighborhood.

Be Concise

A good signage must promote customer traffic and showcase the real purpose of your business. Do not crowd the signage with too much information or with complicated fonts. For instance, outdoor signs in Kansas City for a start-up must carry the name of your store along with the website address for interested customers to look you up for further details.

What is the Right Size for your Outdoor and Indoor Signage?

The size of the signage you install inside or outside your store can have a significant influence on its capacity to attract customers and eventually generate revenue. Here are a few things that you need to consider when deciding on the right size for your signage:

  • Understanding how Distance Influences Dimensions

One of the first things your company for outdoor signs in Kansas City will look at is the scale and distance the signage will be placed at from the perspective of the target audience. The further away your audience will be when they are passing by your store, the larger should be the size of the signage. For instance, a box retailer on a major highway may need a larger signage than a store in a mall.

  • Using Eye Catching Design to Make up for Size

Signage manufacturers also often have to deal with space constraints and accommodate a sign that simply has to fit. In such scenarios, the best way to still appeal to the audience is by making sure that your design is eye-catching and heavy on contrast and color. This is an effective solution especially if there are legal restrictions as to the size of your sign.

Finally, you could also use a balance of large and small signs to attract attention from potential audience members. This contrast will help improve engagement and improve the chances of people actually paying attention to what you have to say. The size of your boards can be used innovatively to convey a message and get people to walk into your establishment.

Business Signs: Your Permanent Advertising Tool that Serves & Lasts

A report by the International Sign Association claims that signs are responsible for more than 50% of your business and without one, you may not even get financing from a bank! An effective business sign is like a silent salesperson; selling/promoting your brand even when your business is closed for the day.  Business Signs help enhance the following functions;

a)      Develop brand equity: Words, graphics, logos, symbols and other such elements associated with a brand is constantly promoted. For businesses, especially small and medium level companies, brand value is as important as the goodwill value of the enterprise.

b)      Reduces the need for conventional form of advertising: A sign leaves an impression in people’s memories. When the impression is directly related to your brand or business, the need for other conventional form of advertising is naturally reduced.

c)      Lures Impulsive buyers: Impulsive purchases are an important aspect of every business. When customers see a good sign, they are automatically tempted to stop and visit the business and if everything goes well, even make a purchase.

But if you thought that all of the above can be achieved just by hanging out an old shingle painted with your business name, you have to be kidding yourself! Think of a sign as a marketing tool — they have to be effective and attention grabbing. Here are some of the things that make a good signage;

a)      Size: The best business signs are those that are oversized and can be spotted easily even from a distance.

b)      Color: Color combinations that stand out from the background are effective.

c)      Clear: Sentences should be short, succinct and naturally, attention grabbing.

d)     Place: Whether drivers/passersby read your sign depends on how it is placed. Needless to say, it must be placed within the driver/passerby’s vision and must be properly illuminated for enhanced visibility.

At ACME Sign Inc., we cover the whole gamut of signage services, including designing, installation and manufacturing. Contact us to know how we can assist you with your indoor and outdoor signage needs.

Practical Uses of Signage

Signs- when they’re useful we don’t pay attention to them, but when they fail us, we freak out! People miss trains, spend hours on the wrong lane, or circle round and round the same place just because the signage was wrong or inadequate. Signs tell us where we are and direct us to get where we want to go.  Here are some practical uses of signage in general:

Wayfinding signs in hospitals and underground parking places: How often have you felt lost and confused in a hospital, at a multi-terminal airport or in an underground parking lot? All it takes is a glance towards the signage and things become clear. Inadequate or improper signs can actually leave people disoriented and confused.

Orientation signs: When lost in a mall, the direction signage is the first thing that people refer to. Signs like ‘you are here’, ‘way out’ and ‘way to xyz’ are very useful. They help people from getting lost.

Destination signs: This is the obvious best use of signs for a business. How do you locate a shop or a store? Refer to the sign! Of course, smart phones have made it easier to find a business from miles away, but without an outdoor sign your patrons would still be confused even if they were standing right outside your store!

ACME Sign Inc. is a Kansas City based sign designing and manufacturing company offering great designs for more than a century now.  All of our designs, research and manufacturing work is done in our 70,000 square foot facility in North Kansas City.  Come by and see us some time!  We have a great selection of signage samples in our showroom or you can check out our outdoor signs gallery online.

How Signs help with Impulse Purchases

Impulse purchasing decisions are an important sales factor and no business owner worth their salt would think of ignoring this component.  In fact, depending on the type of business, almost 20 to 45% of traffic is impulse purchase. Here are a few reasons why signs help people to purchase on a whim;

  • A study conducted by the U.S. Small Business Administration estimated that nearly 50% of people interviewed were encouraged to visit the store/business for the first time through the signage.  Nearly all of these visits were impulsive.
  • While driving or walking past the sign, people often make a mental note of the business. They are more than likely to make use of this information to make an unplanned visit to the location at a later date.  Consider this against the fact that an average person in America drives for about 540 hours per year.
  • If the sign is effective and attractive, people may visit the location not just to purchase, but to examine or make inquiries for the first time. If they’re impressed, you may end up with a customer. And if they do not make the purchase, they may refer your business to someone else.
  • Impromptu decisions are particularly effective for restaurants and bars, especially if they’re a new business.
  • A good outdoor sign prompts people to act and look for instant gratification through a purchase.

ACME Sign Company is a Kansas City based designer and signage manufacturer with more than a century of experience in the industry.  Besides sign designing and manufacturing, we also provide complete installation and maintenance. We have worked with several prestigious clients and helped create some great iconic designs.  All signs are manufactured at our 70,000 square foot facility in North Kansas City and are a certified UL Listed signage manufacturer.