Why Monument Signs are the Right Choice for Your Business?

Choosing the right sign for your business is essential when you have a larger business. But, when your business is on a unique property, it is vital to select a sign that not only highlights the location of the business but also adds to the overall curb appeal is an important choice. In such cases, monument signs can be the right option. It comes in various sizes, shapes and designs have always been a top consideration when large outdoor sign in Kansas City is required. [Read more…]

Common Types of Business Signage

Outdoor signs are an important aspect for every brick and mortar based business. You can choose from a wide range of sign types.  Some of the more common ones include:

3-Dimensional Signs — 3D signs are made from foam and coated with fiberglass or a hard shell. They look very attractive and can be used for exterior as well as internal signage.

Architectural and Marquee — These are used for large buildings and may even define the aesthetics of the structure.

Cabinet Signs — These are cheaper when compared to other outdoor signs.

Channel Letters — These signs allow light to be illuminated through the letters in a variety of hue and gas mixtures.

Directional and Wayfinding — These signs are used to serve a functional purpose and direct people to a destination and commonly placed on roads, hospitals and malls guiding people towards a target.

Interior Signs — As the name suggests they’re used inside the building and used to direct customers to a particular location. The aim of these signs is to enhance the interior and make it appealing.

Monument Signs — These are the larger versions of the cabinet type and used as exterior signs to direct people towards a facility. They can be constructed out of a variety of materials including metal, stone, carved foam etc.

Pylon Signs — These are freestanding structures and used on their own to direct traffic towards a business. They’re internally illuminated and are typically supported by pole structures.

Other common types of sign types — Besides the ones mentioned above, other common sign types include neon signs, metal letters, electronic message boards, etc.

The type of sign to be chosen depends on the type of business you manage.  View our signage gallery for other ideas and concepts.  Contact one of our helpful staff members at ACME Sign Company to find the one that suits you best.