Business Sign – The Right Sign Type and Lettering Size

Business SignA recent study conducted by the National Signage Research and Education Conference stated,

  • 5% have made opinions about the quality of a business based on that business’s “clear and attractive” signage
  • 7% have failed to find a business they wanted to visit, because signs for that business were “too small or unclear”
  • 55% of respondents’ ages 18-24 made a purchase decision based on the quality of stores signs

This study clearly depicts the importance of having a well-designed business sign. Your storefront tells a lot about your business. In today’s B2B business market, how you present your business makes a great difference in how customers see your company and value your products.

When creating your business sign, your signage manufacturer should take into consideration the height and distance that your sign will be read from. This helps to determine the proper letter size for readability. In this article, we are going to discuss the right lettering size for your business sign.

Some considerations when choosing a lettering size for your sign are as follows:

  • General traffic conditions
  • The type of sign you are using. Usually, glowing LED signs have more visibility than unlit signs.
  • Make sure your font size, and logo color are larger in size and its readable
  • Take an account of color combinations and contrast.
  • The speed at which drivers are driving
  • Also look for whether there is any other sign that may interrupt your customers view.

These are some of the important things you need to take into account while choosing a signage for your business. Always remember, your sign is your best marketing investment and it works for you 24 X 7 X 365 to keep your business in the minds of potential customers. Contact the leading outdoor sign manufacturers in Kansas City and get ready to convey your message to your customers in an innovative way!