Amazing Signage Facts You Need to Know

Business SignageNo matter what type of business you’re running, business signage is often your company’s first impression for potential customers. It’s obvious that business signs are considered as the great marketing tool to attract more customers towards your business but do you know how important they are? The answer is here.

Read on the below mentioned facts that clearly depicts why business signs in Kansas City are so much important to your business.

Fact #1 – Signs attract 50 percent of a startup’s new business

Recent statistics revealed that more than half of all new business leads for startups comes directly from signage. If you’re a new or small business thinking if spending your marketing dollars on signage is a wise move, the answer is “Yes, Absolutely” You don’t want to miss out on half your potential customers.

Fact #2 – A Pole Sign Increased Business By 15%

Virtually all types of signage created a massive impact in businesses, but it’s evidently proven that large pole signs were the most effective which increased businesses by 15%. The runner up is a monument sign at 9.3%, then two directional signs at 8.9%.

Fact #3 – A lot of shoppers go into a store on impulse

It has been revealed that “Signs generate impulse sales”. Customers who are busy don’t always plan to visit your location; however, they might notice your sign, realize that your offerings meet a need they have, and will stop and come inside. If your sign is the one that stands out, you will be the one who gets their business first.

No matter what your business is – from restaurant to lawn care businesses – having a signage that is easy to read, memorable and clearly states your business’ message is an essential part of marketing your company or organization. If you need signage for your business, contact Business Signs of Kansas City! We can create something truly amazing and unique for you!