A Guide to Designing Signs for a Startup Business in the Kansas City

Designing SignsKudos! You have finally achieved your dream of owning a business, and it is up and running. However, the flow of customers is nothing to write home about. Perhaps it’s that old sign you still hang on to despite its age, or you don’t even have one. In successful businesses, signs by sign company Kansas City are a crucial marketing tool that is a must have.

Do not panic at this idea. The points to ponder are as easy as the alphabet, and they revolve around:

  1. Size

The kind of sign by signs business Kansas City you intend to design should not only be visible, but legible too. It has a message that the reader should decipher in order to arouse attention. The larger it is, the more gallant.

  1. Location

In order to get more viewers, it ought to be at a place where more people pass. A great place would be the bus or train station, the airport and other strategic public places. Definitely, your target market should play a big role in deciding the location of outdoor signs Kansas City. The size is also a key player in here.

  1. Color

Do you have any house color for your business? It should be the first idea in your mind so that whatever decorations you add to the sign leaves your brand intact.

  1. Typography

Choose a suitable font and think about the size of the letters in terms of their height and the length of the message. Signs with not more than 15 words have the greatest impact. The industry has a formula called the 3 by 5 rule. It basically means:

    1. Three text lines – five words each, or
    2. Five text lines – three words each.
  1. Contrast

The contrast should be able to capture the prospective clients’ attention for a couple of seconds. The key factors here are size, type and simplicity and colors with shades that are distinctive to one another. Like black and yellow.

  1. Material

The location, duration, durability, and cost are the determinants of the material to be used. The signage manufacturer takes up the role of guiding you henceforth.