5 advantages of outdoor signage and advertising

outdoor signageWhen you think of outdoor advertising in Kansas City, what would be the first things that come to your mind? For most, the idea is about billboards and a big hoarding along the highway. However, outdoor advertising is much more to it. It can be, while not being limited to, about phone booths, benches in the park, trains, buses, shopping centers and anything that the common man walks around every day.

The several benefits that outdoor advertising tools like signage offer include:

  1. A higher impact: signage becomes a part of the environment; sometimes even landmarks that people talk about. Consequently, people cannot opt out of signage advertisement and done rightly, they will leave a lasting impact.
  2. Demands attention: Visible at both long and close ranges, signage and other forms of outdoor advertisements don’t need to compete. Further, they leave room for a lot of creativity on part of the brand.
  3. Cost effective: Signage, once strategically placed, doesn’t need to be replaced for a long time. Consequently, they become quite cost effective.
  4. Higher reach: When you are trying to target a bigger audience, outdoor advertisements like signage can become a strong tool. They will attract people of all ages, tastes, expectations, cultures and beliefs.
  5. Stronger path of purchase: Studies show that signage can bring about 70% of purchase, given that the location and content is done right.

With people (potential customer) spending most time away from homes, outdoor advertising has acquired more potential to gain their attention than digital advertising or advertising in traditional media like TV, radio, newspapers or magazines. Look for a creative sign company in Kansas City to grab the opportunity!